Multimedia &
Software Solutions

Verbium’s digital media and software products enhance clients' ability to reach their target audiences. If you're not harnessing mobile and online technologies in your business or organization, you may be missing out on opportunities to communicate your message effectively to new customers and other stakeholders. Contact us to explore creative solutions that leverage these technologies in innovative ways to achieve your goals.

Promotional video

Showcase your product or organization with video that excites and inspires. Command attention as you communicate your message with arresting impact on your website, at tradeshows and other events, in a custom mobile app, or in your office or retail space. Please contact us for sample footage and more information about our unique, cinematic approach.

Online presence

Promote your product or publicize your mission with a dynamic, engaging website that takes advantage of the latest technologies to reach a worldwide audience. Extend your presence with social media and enrich visitors' experience with multimedia content and e-commerce functionality.

Digital signage

Display video and photography on a television, monitor, or tablet. This technology is perfect for use in retail or restaurant settings to enhance product displays, specials, menus, etc.

Interactive displays

Combine animations, video, audio, and still images to enhance the customer or guest experience by delivering information in a compelling and engaging manner. 

Product catalogs

Present your products and services by using a desktop or mobile app to deliver a new level of interactivity and functionality. 

Professional portfolios

Are you an artist, architect, or creative professional? Showcase your work in a sleek, compelling format that's more engaging than traditional media. 


Streamline employee training while communicating your company's procedures, rules, technologies, best practices, or culture in a more memorable and effective way. 

Sightseeing information

Make cultural and sightseeing information available to a growing audience of inbound tourists as you turn their smartphones into the glue that keeps coming back to your destination. 

Museum Exhibits

Enliven your museum's exhibits with a multilingual desktop application or mobile app that locks down visitor attention with interactive functionality and media.

Custom apps

Harness the latest technologies to meet the unique needs of your business or organization. If you can imagine it, chances are it can be done.